Motion Graphics

The future for Motion Graphics in Trinidad is headed for rough water. First, what is Motion Graphics? It is a simple form of animation that you see everywhere. It consists mostly of moving graphics for logos, photos and types. Nowadays,… Read More

What Software do you use?

This is probably the most common question that I get in the industry. In all circles, its the one everyone wants to know. Well before I speak about that, I have a story about it. In 2007, I attended Siggraph… Read More

Enough Particles for Everyone

I have exhausted the simple particle systems of Cinema 4D, but really couldn’t stomach using the heavy xpresso based thinking particles. I usually got bye but have always considered advanced particle animations some thing to reach for. We just started… Read More


We recently upgraded our computers in our office. It did not go smoothly, learn from my mistakes! Firstly, don’t bring in computer parts for 5 computers thinking is duty free, Customs charged us for VAT as computers are exempt, but… Read More


To all our customers that have dealt with Joanne Ince-Mooledhar. She has been running ‘the books’ and keeping the cash flow in order for the past few years. She’s great but alas she is moving on as an entrepreneur. If… Read More


Eye Scream Animation Ltd has moved for the 7th time in 14 years! Tha’s 1 every 2 years! Wow! The real joke is that this is the first time we have moved out of the building at 142 Belmont circular… Read More