Motion Graphics

The future for Motion Graphics in Trinidad is headed for rough water. First, what is Motion Graphics? It is a simple form of animation that you see everywhere. It consists mostly of moving graphics for logos, photos and types. Nowadays, it is the source for more affordable Advertising. Its fast to make, and so the cost is very affordable. It has become more and more common in local TV.

So the future of Motion Graphics sounds good, right? Not quite… The issue here is that now Advertising Agencies have accepted that they can make a fair profit from motion graphics. For Broadcast and Web. They are now hiring motion graphics artists to work full time.

More jobs right? Not quite… The problem is, they will funnel more and more work in-house. Instead of a freelance artist doing 3 jobs a month and having a decent living, they will do 12 in-house. Decent living, stable income but pressure.

This has happened before. Ten years ago I witnessed something similar when Agencies started buying Printries. This became a huge deal as Agencies won accounts, Printries would loose huge accounts. The Agencies would give their own Printries preferred business of course and printing became a very political business. It was Rags to riches, and back to rags… It would be extremely rare for one Agency to hire a Printry owned by another.

So How will this play out for Motion Graphics Artists? How will this affect the quality? Well, working with a team is great, but day in day out does tend to slow the spirit. Consider an Agency keeping things simple and understanding the scope that their artist can handle. It would take a truly great artist to keep pushing the bar and trying new and more impressive techniques, especially constantly racing in-house deadlines. I personally think it might even encourage Agencies to tackle less ambitious projects and settle for simpler snazzy productions. Lens flares will become even more popular!

That said, if you are hired by an Agency you will become a key artist with security pretty fast. If you are not lucky to be the Artist hired by any of the big 6 local Agencies, don’t expect to ever do an AD for them. Id consider lobbying direct to clients. It would be futile to try to compete with their in-house artist, as they will always give him the job. Its like selling Photoshop work to McCann, there covered…So whats left? Corporate clients, Restaurant menus are the new crave, in-house graphics, web artists, fancy next level power point presentations etc. I’m not sure, I’m just reading the writing on the wall…